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Don’t Bug Me’s treatment procedure for Head lice management is one that has been designed for maximum effectiveness combined with a carefully considered application method.
The Head Lice Treatment Procedure is a 2 Stage process :

Stage 1 – Initial Treatment

Application of exclusively designed treatment procedure.
(the entire process duration is approximately 60 min to 90 min subjectto degree of infestation).

Stag 2 – Follow Up Treatment

Re-application of treatment procedure . Final Success Assessment  (the entire process duration is 30 min to 60 min)

• Price Structure


   Initial Treatment    $85.00 
    Follow Up Treatment
 Head Check    $10 
 Head Check with possible Treatment

(Time allocated for treatment if required)



Acute infestation will be charged at $25 per half hour for time spent  over the 90min time frame.
DBM reserves the right to alter or change it’s pricing structure at  any time without notice .